Monday, July 2, 2012

As we march into summer, many will use this time to reconnect with family members as part of a family reunion. Whether it’s a family trip to a destination like Disney World or a weekend event locally, it’s always good to get together with family members. I recently did so with my members of my immediate family at my home in New Jersey. I’m getting older and with more young nephews, nieces, and grandchildren being born into my family, I am quickly becoming the patriarch of the Carson Family. I love being with my family and I especially love to hear the laughter of the young ones play without a care in the world. As much as I love the joys of family, I also enjoy the sense of history that is shared when we all get together. While the little ones play their hearts out, my older nephews and nieces have a tendency to sit within ear shot not too far from the adults and listen to the stories of relatives they’ve never known. I did the same when I was about 12 years old and on into my teens. I sat like my nephews and nieces now do, absorbing the stories of the past.

These are the times we learn about our relatives who have since passed away. More specifically, we learn more about the health histories of many immediate as well as extended relatives. More than not, many of us would have no sense of our family health histories without learning at the knees of relatives at summer family reunion.
I would like to encourage all to reunite and enjoy being in the presence of family. I would also encourage those who know their family health histories to share this information with the young people of your family, providing a “heads up” for certain conditions that could impact them. I’ve long known that hypertension is a trait in my family’s medical history, but I am not affected because I do an excellent job of managing my health.

Happy Summer!

Harry Carson