Monday, October 1, 2012

The Benefits of Moderation

I've focused much of my attention in past entries on getting up, exercising and being active.  But that can all be for nothing if we don't take our nutrition seriously. There is little benefit in making the time to burn off the calories and then have a calorie laden meal from some fast food restaurant afterwards.  To be serious about our health concerns, we really need to take charge and manage what we put into our bodies.

I am originally from the state of South Carolina. Growing up in the south on Sunday afternoons was comfort time for me because that day meant family dinner with foods like fried chicken, potato salad, macaroni and cheese, corn bread (or biscuits) and iced tea or lemonade on the menu. Top that off with one of my favorite deserts like banana pudding. My Sunday afternoons would always be welcomed with comfort foods that I love even today. But if I ate that kind of food on a regular basis after the most comprehensive physical workout, that time would have been wasted time.

When I was young and ate smaller portions and then played as I did after dinner I might have been able to get away with digesting all those calories. Off course that is not the case now, while I still enjoy foods from my days growing up the key now is eating everything in moderation as well as eating healthier options. I still love chicken but my chicken is more likely baked without the skin than fried. With a better understanding of the heavy content of sugar and calories in those drinks that I loved, my drink of choice now whether I'm at home or dining out is water with lemon.  I am much more inclined to eat healthier foods like salads, broiled salmon and sautéed spinach.

As I get older I know all too well that good health is the one commodity we have that we don't appreciate until it's gone. The best ways to preserve that good health is to live actively with exercise several times a week. That, along with eating foods in moderation that are low in fat, calories and sugar also helps tremendously.

Make good health your goal!

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