Saturday, September 1, 2012

What Are Your Assets?

In whatever you do how do you utilize your assets? When I played football for the NY Giants, to maximize my performance, I had to seize upon my physical talents as well as what inspired me. On the practice fields, on Sunday afternoons and playing before 80,000 fans, it was my teammates that inspired me. Those players I battled with in Giants uniform were my assets.
In my life after football in whatever I do analyze my strengths and weaknesses, I also understand what my liabilities and assets are and try maintaining a balance. In maintaining that balance in my personal private life my greatest asset is and has been my wife Maribel. Not only is she my wife, she is my confidant, my partner, my best friend and even my workout partner. Yes, my workout partner! I consider myself very fortunate to have a life-mate who is willing to rise early, get dressed and be on the road with a coffee or latte to get a workout in at the health club we both frequent in Northern New Jersey. We travel often to destinations country-wide and around the world. For me sometimes the very simple things are what most important. To be able to jog on the same running track, to ride side by side on stationary bikes or attempt to strike he same poses practicing yoga is a blessing and can be very romantic.

I don't have to beg her to join me nor do I give her a hard time when it comes to working out together. I consider myself to be one of those lucky guys who struck gold when I married Maribel. She is my most precious asset. Like anyone else there are days when I feel blah and quite frankly don’t feel energized to workout. She has those days as well but when we do we inspire one another enough to at least do something productive for to get the old heart rate elevated.

What is your asset? What or who inspires you? Who do you inspire? Think of what you can do to make a difference in someone's life. Find a person to walk with, jump rope, ride a bike or strike a yoga pose with. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle does not have to be a solo job. Find someone to inspire and with luck they could become your greatest asset.

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