Saturday, December 1, 2012

Don’t cheat your body!

Those 4 words echo through my head from my college days on the football practice field. I don't want to give up my age but that was almost 40 years ago when my college football team's conditioning coach yelled as the players went through our running and conditioning drills at the end of the day's practice session. When my coach spoke those words, little did I know that those 4 words would stay with me for much of my life inspiring me to go the extra mile to prepare my body to compete both on the college and professional levels.  The term 'Don’t cheat your body' continues to resonate with me even today especially on those days when I just don't feel like taking care of me. Like anyone else I have my share of days when I just don't feel like getting up and going to the gym or going to the track to walk or jog, jumping rope or many other physical activities to keep myself moving. When I do feel somewhat lackadaisical or just flat out lazy I hear those words 'Don't cheat your body!' Those words serve as a personal incentive to get on the ball and get moving.

There are many life lessons I've taken from my former profession in the NFL; one of which was so basic and so fundamental. I knew above anyone else whether I was giving my best effort or not on the football field. The fans didn't know for sure, my coaches and the teammates thought they knew but they really didn't know for certain, but I knew! The same is true with taking care of me physically. My family and even my closet friends don't know and the fans I meet on a daily basis don't know what I'm doing to take care of myself but I know what I do to take care of me. Much of what I do now is inspired by those 4 words I heard on the college football practice field 40 years ago.

'Don’t cheat your body!' is my mantra that I know will continue to stay with me for the rest of my life. When I need to get that kick in the rear end to get going those 4 words will do it for me! What is your inspiration? What serves as that kick in the rear end to get you going when you just don't feel like either taking that first step or going the extra mile for your own health and wellness?

If you have no inspiration, feel free to use my mantra 'Don’t cheat your body!' as my Christmas gift to you especially those 4 words if they can gets you up and moving for a healthier 2013.

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