Tuesday, January 1, 2013

What is your motivation…?

I'd like to welcome you to 2013. I say this with a much different understanding and appreciation for life than I have in the past.  As we enter a new year I look back on 2012 with sad memories. On January 2nd of 2012 I lost my brother who was only 4 years older than me. Of my family unit of 3 girls and 3 boys I am the only brother left with my oldest brother having passed in 2004. It does not go over my head that I am the last brother for my three sisters.

Several weeks after losing my brother my family lost my father in law to a sudden heart attack. My brother, in his own way was a mentor and I loved him dearly. My father in law as well was a man I respected tremendously. So, when I look at the New Year I do so with the sorrow of commemorating the one year anniversary of those men my family have lost.  I look forward to living my life with as much 'gusto' and passion as I can with a focus on the next generation of young people in my family.

One of the things I appreciate in having this forum with Meridian is the platform to share my personal thoughts, insights and personal experiences. In sharing my personal experiences I am not trying to preach to anyone, instead I am hoping to inspire anyone who takes a few minutes to read my monthly entries.

Of the men in my family I am probably the only one who consciously tried to practice an active lifestyle from my youth into my adulthood. Okay, staying in shape to have played football has had a significant role in my physical well-being but since those playing days I've tried to be diligent about maintaining my health.

To do anything worthwhile most people need to be motivated to some extent to reach the goals they are looking to achieve. It's no different with me; often times I need a little motivation to take that first step toward reaching goals I set. While personally I understand the advantage of exercise and diet to maintain good health, my ultimate motivation is to be a living example for my children, my grand-children (For the record, I am much too young to be a 'Pop Pop') and all my nieces and nephews. I want to show them that exercise is not solely for the young but for everyone regardless of age.

I'm not going anywhere any time soon. But when I do I hope I led by example by leaving a legacy of wellness and fitness for those coming after me to emulate.  If so that just could be the best gift to leave my family.

What is your motivation in 2013?