Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Take Time for Yourself!

Many of you know by now that I am always talking about moving, staying active and exercising. You might also know that with my last blog entry I shared that I would be spending time with my grandchildren “My Puddin” and “My Package.” Well, the mission has been accomplished. Had the grandchildren for more than a month and loved every second of being with them but it is time for a vacation. Have to admit, my “Package” (Kellen age 3) wore me out! This comes from a man who is constantly moving and doing something. There comes a point even in my life when I feel a need to stop, sit back, relax and do nothing.  I am one who is up early in the morning, I get my latte and try to get to the gym and get some kind of cardio training and then dive into whatever task or project I need to attend to. Often times I work around the clock until I’m totally spent and exhausted. My friends and family know that the word “vacation” is foreign to me, but I feel a need to give in to the concept.

When I played football, the coaches had an expression “Work hard, get a break!” In other words they wanted the maximum effort out of the players during training camp practice sessions. In exchange for us as players giving that effort we got a welcome break to regroup, catch our collective breaths to re-energize our bodies to get through what was left of the remaining practice period.  As I've gone through the first half of the year I’ve worked hard. Now it’s time to get a break! While my break won’t be long I am going to spend a few days doing absolutely nothing physically. I am going to go to bed early and try my best to sleep late. During the course of my break or personal vacation, I am not going to watch television nor listen to the radio, I am not going to check snail mail, email, text messages or answer the phone. I am going to sit on a beach or on the bank of a river to listen to the waves of water crash onto the shore. I am going to do my best to soak up some sunshine and clear my mind of everything.

As much as we need to take care of our bodies physically, we also need to manage our mental well-being. We all need to “dial back” the stress level we subject ourselves to on a daily basis. Stress in and of itself can have a profound impact in our physical well-being. On a higher level heart attacks and strokes and on a lower level headaches, muscle spasms among so many others physical symptoms can take a tremendous toll on the human body when we become overwhelmed and fatigued.

I want to encourage everyone that if you’ve worked hard, it might be time to take your break. You be the judge of the length of that break to unwind mentally. It could be 2 weeks, a week, a couple of days or a few hours. You can take a trip to the shore or stay in your yard take time to relax, clear your mind, eliminate or reduce your level of stress and regroup to move forward with renewed energy and a clearer mind.

Take time for YOU!!!         

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