Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Winter is behind us and Spring has finally sprung!

Winter is behind us and spring has finally sprung! This is my favorite time of the year. To see flowers blooming, grass getting greener and kids playing outside makes me feel tranquil deed down inside. This is the time of the year with mild temperatures that make me look forward to getting outside with my sleeves rolled up, working in my yard doing all that I can to help restore and maintain it’s beauty. I have to admit that I live in a very beautiful area where very few homeowners personally get out and get their hands dirty or break a sweat. Most homeowners defer that job to landscaping professionals. But every spring I want to do that work myself. I look forward to working and totally enjoying every minute of it because the experience puts me in touch with my property, with the soil, grass, trees and my home. I am originally from South Carolina and to an extent my youthful experiences included yard work, so that kind of work has been engrained in me for a long time. I like knowing what needs to done to improve the quality of my home. And I feel that because I am so emotionally invested in my property no one can do a better job of maintaining it especially the small intricate things that make my house “my home” better than me. (At least I would like to believe that in my mind.) I take great pride in making sure that my home and property looks as good or even better than most homes in my neighborhood. The work of maintaining all that needs to be done I have to admit, sometimes is hard work. But I love it! Let me explain.

As much as we live in a more technologically advanced era with so many things created to make our lives easier, nothing takes the place of being outside enjoying nature, breathing fresh air, feeling the warmth of the sun, actively moving and exercising muscles I forgot I had. To me it’s the same as maintaining my own body. While I could (if I wanted to) hire someone to maintain my home, I cannot outsource my body to someone else to take care. Many of us (especially those of us who) didn’t get the opportunity to travel to warm spots during winter have been forced to stay inside during the cold and snowy months. As a result, many may have been sitting around doing as little as possible. With that “sedentary” lifestyle brought on by “Old Man Winter” it’s time to get up and get out and use those muscles that are seldom used. Go for a run, a bike ride or a long walk with family and friends, take a dance class or do what I’ve done. As well as going to the gym 3-4 times a week, I’ve started taking a Yoga class once a week. It is true what they say “you’re never too old to begin new experiences”.

It’s interesting that you can see a beautiful home built in any neighborhood. And after a few years with little or no maintenance performed you can readily see that property begin to deteriorate and the value of the property decrease. The same comparison can be made with our bodies. We come into the world with one body, complete with a heart, lungs, kidneys and other organs but if we mistreat or neglect those organs with drugs, alcohol, smoking, eating all of the wrong stuff and with little or no exercise we have no one to blame but ourselves if the quality of our lives is not what we imagined it would be when neglect of self became a habit. I don't want to sound morbid but the reality is, we have a finite or limited time to live our lives here. Looking back I know so many of my friends and acquaintances who are no longer here to enjoy another spring because of conditions like stroke, diabetes and heart related diseases that possibly could have been avoided with proper management.  

I love Spring! For me it is the best, not too hot and not too cold. Bird chirping early in the morning and other animals coming out to play. Flowers filling the air with beautiful scents. It’s a time of renewal. Don’t neglect the opportunity take care of you. Make and take the time to renew your spirit, your mind and your body. It’s the only one you have.